Another weekend

Happy Friday, another weekend on the horizon, reasonable weather forecast too.
If you need a courier over the weekend,, just give us a call and follow the instructions.
Have a nice day!

Glorious weather

It’s been a glorious week weather wise since Easter Monday, if you are still on holiday today (Friday) it’s going to seem like mid-summer. Enjoy!

Back to work for a lot of us Hope you enjoyed the Easter break? When booking a courier it always helps to have the delivery postcode and the deadline to hand.
Xpress Messenger Couriers specialize in same day deliveries, and deliver throughout the United Kingdom every day.


I don’t like to discuss politics, but the upcoming General Election next month is very important.
It doesn’t matter to me who you vote for – but it is very important you vote.
I am fed up seeing weak government, and the possibility of a couple of also ran parties governing our country appalls me.
Vote and lets see if we can at least have a government with an overall majority.


HI everyone, hope you had a great Easter break?.
Monday weather was beautiful.
I hope you like the Xpress Couriers Dorking new web site?
I worked over Easter to make a responsive site. It seems to work OK but I can’t get the contact form to work properly.
It will be up and running in a day or two.